Winding down summer…







What I’m Wearing: Top: Target | Jeans: Abercrombie & Fitch | Shoes: Target | Necklace: Zara | Jewellery : Nicola Chong Jewellery | Lipstick: NARS Heatwave | Watch: Michael Kors


Booooo.. Summer is almost over! And we are winding things down into slightly cooler weather. There are going to be cooler days and chilly nights. And before you know it (as all the Halloween decorations are starting to show up!) it will be FALL.

I love fall. Fall for fashion, fall for crisp air. But NOT fall INSTEAD of summer. 

Fall also means my birthday is coming up – yay! Closer to being 30….


Happy Thursday lovelies! 


Canadian Geese






Hat: Crewcuts (perfect winter one)| Coat: Canada Goose | Shirt: Joe Fresh (old but cute one here) | Tank: American Apparel | Leggings: Joe Fresh | Socks: Kodiak (cozy ones here)| Boots: Target (old but loving these) | Aviators: Anthropologie | Lips: Tarte Lip Surgence

Holy smokes we got over 25cm of snow here…in two days! We had to seriously bust out our “Geese” aka our Canada Goose coats! It’s funny how so many people prematurely bust them out, when it’s not even that cold. Wait for it peeps… -20 below temps are coming.

Ta-da. Here they are. Oh and we are going to dump about 20+cm of snow on top of that. So not only will you be covered from head to toe and not able to drive… you will freeze too!

This pic was taken before that happened…so I was smiling…then. Maybe because our little kitty Abbey came out to snuggle.


Thanks for reading!


Chambray & Dots






Top: J Crew (similar)  | Jeans: Crewcuts | Shoes: J Crew ( similar) | Bag: Coach (vintage but similar here) | Sunnies: Anthropologie | Watch: Michael Kors | Bracelets: J Crew, Michael Kors (old but seen here)

There are sometimes when you just get lucky with clothing. this was one of those times. My jeans are from the kids section at J Crew. Yupp…Crewcuts. They are a size 14 (got a little snug as the week went on because of all the eating) but are definitely kids.

So here’s the background… I grabbed a pair of the adult ones, they were $158 + tax + 25% off. Or the kids ones, $78 + tax + 25% off.

They both fit.

The adult one has a stretchier material – aka more give, is longer not cropped, and was more expensive. The kids one, also had an adjustable waist (obviously for smaller needing children- I was on the largest it could go.), was cropped and was cheaper. 

Guess which one won? All said and done $65 later. Ta da. And now there is no room for belly growth- yikes!

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Bringing out the animal in me…

Entire outfit: maxi and top: Old Navy! | Belt: Joe Fresh | Shoes: Sam Edelman | Jewellery: Michael Kors, Tommy, Ann Taylor, H & M | Sunnies: Anthropologies | Lipstick: Joe Fresh Cherry

You all know I am maybe slightly obsessed with animal print.

My sister told me that if I had my shirt, my iPhone cover, and our little neighbourhood kitty: Abbey, I would be truly an animal! Haha! I don’t know what it is about it, but maybe the idea of texture? The brown and cream and black combo? The idea that it can look dressed up or casual at the same time? Maybe because it is funky and loud?

Meh! Don’t really know…just that I really really like it!

Happy Thursday!

Tea parties and grandparents…

Top: Zara | Jeans: Zara {similar style here} | Shoes: Winners | Necklace: J Crew | Watch: Francesca’s Collection (my $14 one!) {similar style here}| Bracelet: Michael Kors)

A neighbours mother, Barbara, had her 81st birthday this past weekend (she is a well seasoned grandmother..with two healthy -pretty tall grand boys)! And it was a tea party event (they are English) so there were cucumber sandwiches, tea, cookies, cake, and plenty of booze! I figured that I should dress rather conservatively, being English, and being around older folk. We did have a lovely time, and I cannot remember the last tea party I had/had gone to myself.

The last time I could remember a tea party, was when my grandparents were babysitting my sister and I. And my Grandmother let us cook up some random “tea” concoction on the stove. Hahaha it was so nasty. It definitely had old tea leaves, water, juice and was definitely brown in colour.

Hahaha oh what grandparents let their grand children do. We were totally spoiled, as any good grand children should be. But truly spoiled. Hagen Daaz coffee ice cream for dessert…freshly washed and cut fruit…definitely allowed to watch as much TV as we wanted…and stay up as late as we wanted to!

We adore our grandparents…especially our grandmother. She is lovely, and still to this day cuts/peels our fruit for us.

Have a wonderful day lovelies!

THAT dress…and THAT hat!

Hat: H & M {similar style here}| Dress: Club Monaco (old) | Shoes: Stewart Weitzman (total score) {similar style here} | Lipstick: Boots No. 7 Lipstick: Wild Volume #15 Forever Cherry (awesome colour!) | Nailpolish: OPI Holland Collection: Red Lights Ahead…Where? (fingers) Kiss Me On My Tulips (toes)

This past Friday it was nice and warm, hot actually. Hot and steamy. I had a client meeting in the city and then date night at one of our fave Thai restaurants in the city!

This is one of my favourite dresses of all time (and yes it is not actually mine…it is the sister’s). We were out and about during the day and on two occasions that day two different people asked me where it was from. And yes there is a hole in the side…which I have yet to mend.

Situation #1, (as I am banking at the bank machine) totally turned facing the machine, a lady walks out of the bank, to the bank machine area (and practically exclaims) “Oh my goodness! That is a gorgeous dress! And my goodness it fits you like a glove!”. I humbly said thank you, (as I am trying to punch in info on the bank machine), and then chatted with her as we both walked out the door. The second situation was at a store at Sherway Gardens…a lovely sales associate asked me nicely where I got it from.

The story is that sister and I LOVE Club Monaco. And “back in the day” they used to have wonderfully tailored dresses. Pricey ($100-250+), but worth every penny! They were striking, tailored and bonus…student discounts got us 20% off! You know my obsession with Zara and its wonderfulness of being tailored right off the rack… same deal.

Oh and that hat. Well sister thinks that it is hilarious, that I would never really wear it. And because I saw “The Daybook” lady we follow, she had one in camel…does not mean that I needed to get one too. But my logic is I would love to wear it to a wedding or something! So I had to just bust it out! I love that hat. It is worth every little penny from H & M…so HA…she still thinks I am crazy!

Happy Monday!

Someone chopped her hair off…

Chambray shirt: J Crew (on sale) | Belt: J Crew | Pants: VS Pink | Shoes: Target | Nailpolish: OPI Dim Sum Plum | Jewellery: Etsy, Ann Taylor | Watch: Francesca’s Collection ($14!!!) | Sunnies: Anthropologie | Lipstick: NARS Heatwave

Ahhhhh…yes I cut my hair… this weekend! Haha no that is not how I sounded at the hairdresser.

I know people who would cry at the sight of seeing a huge shag rug of hair below them. I totally cut it on purpose, and my hairdresser laughs at the idea that I love those scissors with the gaps in them. Those amazing little metal things that make me feel as light as a feather…ok fine not me…but my head… definitely.

There is one thing you need to know about my hair. I have a lot. Too much. It is quite fine, but when at full length/body it feels like a horse’s tail.

The funny thing is some people think I am nuts for the price I pay for my hair. Nuts. I swear by her. She is amazing, she is an artist, and I have been seeing her since Grade 10. Let me tell you…I am Asian. Asian hair is not Caucasian hair. When you chop straight lines, you get straight lines. It does not bounce, it rarely waves, and unless you know how to cut Asian hair (which I have been to people who say they can and obviously cannot)…well then you will fail…miserably. Trust me. I know. I have been there. Dalida is an Asian hair cutting goddess!

I have done this asymmetrical look before, and I love it. Dalida loves the idea of having full reign, and I totally trust her. So with a snip her and a razor blade shaving sound there…and a couple of serious dough later…Voila!

Happy Monday everyone!