My Online TV Debut!

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House and Home Online TV

Incase you don’t already follow my on Instagram @lovenataliechong or Twitter @lovenatchong. I did my first online TV experience last week with Canadian House & Home. They are a pretty big deal here in Toronto and North America really. It was a privilege that they chose me to help showcase a client’s condo in downtown Toronto!

Eeeek! After the nerves wore off, it was smooth sailing! Get ready world, this is my debut!

xo lovelies

added to my wish list


There are times where you find just the right piece to add to your design. Great pieces that you know people will ask where you got that from because of their unique shape, colour or just design.

I would love to have this piece.

Alvar Aalto pendant

Project Mode!

So I kinda lied…I have 3 awesome projects underway…

And with all that distraction of things just not happening how they are supposed to/how I would ideally like them to. These at the end of last week just about made me cry (girl stuff), and just pure joy of me knowing… I am meant to be doing what I am doing!

I totally didn’t take before pictures, and let’s just say they are so drastically different you’d be shocked! This is where we started with inspiration. Love what mosaics are out there in Marble.

Some lighting for different areas in the house… you’ll see it later once it’s all done

And this is us almost there!!! Oh my goodness I cannot tell you how amazing this transformation is! I am beyond thrilled, and just wait till everything is pulled together! This one is definitely headed for the portfolio!


Happy Tuesday!

If we could live in one of our client’s houses’…we’d live here!

Here is one of our clients. The Vintage Contemporary Family. They are fabulous clients with amazing taste, and were an absolute pleasure to work with. We love their sense of style, their eclectic taste and the fact that they loved the things they chose with our help just takes us over the moon!

Here is a photo shoot with our new photographer: Echo1 Photography. Who has taken N’s head-shot’s (coming soon…in a later post) and photographed this space too! We adore him too!

Coming soon to our website!