Winding down summer…







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Booooo.. Summer is almost over! And we are winding things down into slightly cooler weather. There are going to be cooler days and chilly nights. And before you know it (as all the Halloween decorations are starting to show up!) it will be FALL.

I love fall. Fall for fashion, fall for crisp air. But NOT fall INSTEAD of summer. 

Fall also means my birthday is coming up – yay! Closer to being 30….


Happy Thursday lovelies! 


Let’s get real…



Hey friends… It has really been awhile – huh. A lot has happened in my life the past few months. And I really only started to feel like myself recently. From family drama, to being sick with the stomach flu, to having our pup running into our garden fencing and going to the animal emergency, laser eye surgery which took much longer to heal than usual.

A lot. And that entire string of events was a mouthful.

When I’ve spoken to people about things, I have heard that on a psychological scale if it were measured in points positive things/exciting things/happy things hit just as hard as negative things. And if this is true well then my bells were definitely ringing loud and clear. Almost as if one won the lottery (and nope, no jackpot).

But with that said good things have happened…the bf and I are engaged! My amazingly talented sister designed my ring and it is gorgeous! So excited, and happy and overwhelmed a bit. Because you see we have dated for 7 years (I know that’s long), and I knew it would happen eventually…but I just didn’t know when. So in the middle of a winter wonderland, at his grandmothers place “the Hill”, it happened. It was picture perfect, a little chilly, and I was just getting over the stomach flu…but I had no idea. So a true surprise- perfect!

These past few months have been up and down, and when I begin to reflect on what has happened it brings me to a time where I was just broken up with (don’t worry not from the bf/fiancé) and sad, and school sucked and life sucked (psh and I thought it could never get worse). And I decided to try something new, yoga. So I dragged my sister, to our first class. We had a lovely teacher, her voice was so soothing, and we all got mini neck/shoulder massages it seemed just wonderful. Well after class, she gave us these power cards. They were cards of empowerment with a sentence meant to give some sort of meaning/clarity in ones life. So as I continued to breathe, I read:

“Every storm brings a fresh new beginning.” 

And it is true.

xo N

Let’s Get Real…




This past weekend the bf and I got a chance to be around some friends, friends who are engaged, friends who are dating and some babes. Some wonderful little babes. Littles who eat their toes, who can’t quite crawl/walk yet, who need constant attention, who need diaper changes and mouthes to be wiped because they are drooling and just need two loving people to care for them.

I want little ones, definitely. But do I want them right this second – kinda and then no…not now. I think that being preggers can be super cute, because goodness knows there are tons and tons of fashion blogger moms out there that make it look so dang easy. And then there is morning sickness, and sore boobs, and sore feet and really just not feeling like yourself or in your body.

There is so much pressure now a days to get a house, to get engaged, to live together and then to produce. BAM – all in a row. Like we really don’t have that much time to do all this before women’s fertility  “peaks at 28”. Oy – that is a short time frame. Not to mention the fact that some of us are still trying to make it out there in this huge world. So many challenges, and pressures and just all around choices.

So what do we do? 

Not quite sure I have the answer, nor do I think one answer will suffice for every one. I do know that for me…it is definitely not a super easy question. I want to be married, and have a house and have two little monkeys I can call my own and a fur baby of course. But gosh dang-it that stuff takes time…and let’s not forget money up the wazoo.

So I shall just be like a normal 27 year old lady, who’s eggs are cookin’ and life is shakin’ and I shall just be…and when these things do happen, they will happen at the right time for me – I hope!

Thanks for reading xoxo

Excuse me…

beach1 copy


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Hey lovelies…

I am only headed to Muskoka for two days where I am shooting my beach cottage project for the magazine Style at Home!!! 

Eeeekkkkk. I cannot control my excitement! I mean I wanted to be in a magazine before I was 30, and I did (not that I’m not grateful but it was a local one!) but this is a national magazine!!! 

So for the next two days, I will be staying up there in a beautiful cottage as history is in the making! Wish me luck as my picture should be in there too! Yay!

xoxo thanks for reading!

Let’s get real…



I’ve been a bad blogger lady!

So sorry my friends, life has been on vacation mode/partially working mode/busy just life mode. I have been really good at making sure you are entertained with the everyday Interior of the day posts, but other than that and maybe the occasional weekend post I have been lacking on our usual 2 post/day posts.

Let’s be honest. I don’t think I can keep that up anymore…unless for some miraculous reason I have an abundance of time…which may very well happen when business is slow – but let’s hope that I am super duper busy with the Toast launch shortly. Not that I want to leave you, but just that sometimes life gets busy and you just gotta roll with it. Mind you M has been MIA due to life with a newborn who is getting bigger and bigger by the day!

With that said what have I been up to?

Working, trying to launch Toast, enjoying summer with the family before they all leave me and go back to work/school, cottaging, shopping (maybe a bit too much), being “Goldilocks” for about 3 weeks after I finally found a new mattress/redid my bedroom again…haha…(ok maybe just my frame and side tables), spending time with Bunny, baking/cooking for dinner parties and cottage weekends…

…just living life peeps!

When my web design ladies come back, get ready for a rebranding of this blog too! I think we are due for an amalgamation of Nest & Toast…so we may be up for a name change and graphic change of sorts. But don’t worry, you will still find us here at this address!

Happy Summer my friends, and I will post life things when I can for sure- but my daily life is usually on Instagram…so follow along!


Let’s get real…and







Shop this look! Top: Zara kids  Jeans: Free People similar here | Wedges: old, Old Navy – love these | Sunnies: sisters Club Monaco- similar here | Jewellery: Stella & Dot, Hula Hoops Maui, Michael Kors-want this one, J Crew- similar, Madewell – similar| Watch: Michael Kors- similar | Nails: OPI Cajun Shrimp

Oh my Buns. He is the cutest isn’t he! I love him dearly, and he is the sweetest thing ever. The thing about Buns is he has little dog syndrome aka he barks constantly, he is super needy, and spoiled.

I didn’t tell you guys yet, but we were trying to adopt a dog from the Humane Society that I volunteer at. It didn’t work out, because she went to a family without another dog. Because Bunny can be difficult. So I made a proactive decision to get him a trainer, to train us and to train him. And so far…it is working, but he has become quite unsure of what is going on and is a little meek. I am really worried that he is losing his personality, but then what part of his personality was just demanding and spoiled?

Any thoughts/ideas/input here from you guys would be fab. We are only 2 days into training, and the ideas are simple, straightforward and do not cause him any real discomfort except maybe being meek. (The trainer we have has a no choke chain/clicker/prong collars/treats/physical discipline etc. so don’t worry!). The training mostly involves around us growling, and clapping/stomping/throwing these small pillow pouches over his head.

Being one of his Mama’s I am a bit worried, but we will see how it goes. The barking has seriously lessened, and he is obeying (mostly), he is really good on walks..but we are working on fear aggression with other dogs.

Ugh.That is my life. My poor baby…