Crazy love

Top: Zara | Jeans: VS Pink (old) | Shoes: Sam Edelman (similar) | Belt: Aritzia | Sunnies: Anthropologie (similar) | Watch: Kate Spade | Bracelet: J Crew

The bf left today. I drove him to airport this morning…only to come back to a quiet house. Ok so maybe I sort of,  kind of miss him.

Don’t tell him!

Kidding, after 5 years it is nice to miss someone who can sometimes drive you totally and utterly crazy.

But I must say he is a silly goose, and I do love him dearly. Plus I have to keep him around to take pictures of me for you guys right?

Hehehe…thanks for reading!

Something that I am afraid to tell you…

This is Kiwi….Baby Girl, Kayway, Sweetie Girl, Big Dog…

She was my dog for 16 beautiful years, and this past weekend we had to put her down.

She was born June 14th 1996 and lived till September 14th 2012.

I have never had to put an animal down, and she was my first dog, and the most wonderful dog there was. I know I take a ton of pictures of Bunny, because he is just so photogenic…and lovable. But he is also the biggest suck.

Kiwi was Ms. Independent. She loved chewys and she would let us do anything we wanted to her. When she was a puppy she would sleep in this toy crib we had for our dolls. She was the greediest dog we know and she had the longest tongue and the softest ears.

Not sure if anyone has ever seen their animal just slowly deteriorate over time, but 16 is a long time, and she was sick. Sick from old age. She had a heart murmur, eye infections, lumps/nodules everywhere, arthritis and we think another infection at the end. She was suffering, and was slowly giving up on the will to live. I have cried every single night since, because her presence is no longer here, and I can feel it, not just her body, but her…

She had a great life, full of adventures, car rides, great food and so so much love. I promise to give Bunny all that and more because I cherish the memories we have had together, Babygirl. Thank you for being such a beautiful part of my life. I will love you forever and always.

xoxoxoxo Love Natalie

HAPPY BIRTHDAY… to my wonderful Mama!


Today is my lovely Mama’s bday.

My Mama is amazing. She is incredibly intelligent (she is our Encyclopaedia Britannica), she is an amazing cook (this is why after Christmas sister and I gained weight because we almost had a different dessert every night), she is incredibly loving and warm (we are her babies), she is fun, super funny, an amazing mother to her two darlings (us +dogs). And she raised the two of us all on her own!

Some days we could not be anything more like her…and others we are definitely our own little people.

But we are forvever grateful for having such a wonderful, fabulous, special, irreplaceable, strong woman in our lives.

Thank you for being everything that you are Mum, we love you beyond words, and hope that we can be even just a bit like you for our children!

Love always, your Darlings (+ dogs).


Easy peasy living…

This past weekend was a very lazy one. Friday night was date night, so we went to one of our fave pizza joints- Queen Margarita Pizza, ate way to much and then I watched “Say Yes To The Dress”, as the bf passed out! Honestly the next morning I swore I ate a whole cow. I was beyond stuffed, that place is too good. Thank god we live at least 30 minutes away or I’d be there at least once a week since their Nutella Mousse is worth dying for.

For the rest of the weekend, the bf and I spent most of our mornings in bed…snoozing. And then he studied and I watched tv/was blogging. Those are fun weekends, when you get to do almost nothing. Just quality time with the family, and those you love and then stuffing your faces over and over again. The bf thinks that I am really a championship eating competitor stuffed in a tiny little Asian girl’s body. I would go almost anywhere for good food. It’s sad.

Today is MONDAY! Sometimes I get days off. Days to go to appointments, to catch up on paperwork, to sleep in, and maybe even to shop. I love those days. The days when you move at your own pace and you get to choose what you do or don’t accomplish those days. Today is one of those days… and I am relishing in the feeling of just taking it one thing at a time!

Happy Monday!

Being grateful…and remembering 9/11

I keep hearing about this being the 10th anniversary of 9/11. I am a September 11th baby. This weekend is an unusual weekend, and has been every since that day. It is a time where I always get to be celebrated, showered with love, laughter and presents. And then we always remember what happened, and we remember how grateful we are for each other, our lives, our home etc.

I remember that day really well. I was in Grade 10 English. Sitting doing work. And then a huge announcement was made over the PA system at my highschool. It was late though, they waited to tell us (unless you were a student who had family members living in NY/travelling). It was said that the towers were hit- the World Trade Towers. Most of us had no idea what they were, how big they were, what happened. We were all excused from the day if we knew of family who was there.

I went home later, and my entire family was in my house. Watching TV. Calling my Aunt Caroline who lives in NYC. We later got a hold of her, and she was saying how she was planning on going to Chinatown after her shift at the hospital, and decided not to because she was too tired. Not only later did she find out that if she had, it would have taken her hours and hours to get home, if at all. She lived in Queens.

Remembering this day is nothing compared to remembering it if you were there, or if you live in NYC, or if you had family that was involved in anything relating to it. A lot of people know friends of friends, or friends of relatives etc. But I cannot imagine how it would be if the connection was closer.

Our thoughts go out to anyone and everyone who was affected by this day. But it is also a day to celebrate everything we have now. All the wonderful things that are present in our life today. And everything that is to come for us.

These are just a few of the people I am grateful for. Thank you for having me in your life and for loving me. Thank you for being such a wonderful addition to my life. Teaching me, guiding me, keeping me company. I would not be here without you (family), or be the person I am. I love you all.

xo n

20110911-122757.jpgmy little sister Zoe, just horsing around.

20110911-122810.jpgChloe bear enjoying the front seat with my dad..driving to the ranch.

20110911-123006.jpgmy little monkey, Kai.

20110911-124056.jpgMy family ( at Graduation

20110911-124126.jpgNicholas my bf.

20110911-124132.jpgSister and the big monkey, Kiwi.