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Oh my do I love this bathroom. After I found this I remembered that I barely posted any of my “outfit” posts from Hawaii. So because this jogged my memory…I feel like the landscape and my outfit well resembles this dreamy tropical bathroom! 


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What I’m wearing: Top: Club Monaco | Hat: Gap | Sunnies: Kate Spade

Summer Breeze…






Shop this look: Dress: Free People | Bra: Free People | Gladiators: Sam Edelman | Jewellery: Free People, Club Monaco, Nicola Chong Jewellery, GLAMROCKS Design | Watch: Kate Spade | Aviators: RayBan

Summer has been strange here in TO. Warm and chilly in the evenings, then hot and hot at night…but I sure do love those warm summer breezes…because goodness knows I get a chill when it’s 25+ with wind.

Everything has been good over here, busy and vacations and well just summer life. It is so short lived in Canada as we have a full 4 seasons to go through.

Hope you are enjoying your summer(s) or season wherever you are!

xo Thanks for reading!

Colour prep…






Shop this look: Hat: Target | Top: J Crew | Pants: Abercrombie & Fitch | Shoes: Sperry Topsiders | Bag: Kate Spade (thrifted) | Lips: Tarte LipSurgence in Tipsy | Watch: Michael Kors | Earrings: Tiffany & Co. | Sunnies: Ray Ban

I go through these phases…fashion phases that is. Ones where I feel preppy, edgy, conservative/work style, feminine and so far maybe a little bohemian. Maybe due to the fact that the sister just got a job at Free People…and we may be slightly obsessed with that store…and now we just get discounts – bonus- only to feed our shopping addiction!

Ugh, fall is coming…and as much as I love fall clothing, it really only lasts for such a short while here. It gets too cold too quickly, where all those wonderful outfits on Pinterest are now covered by a winter coat before you know it.

Oh well, I guess we get a few more weeks of warm weather!

xoxo Thanks for reading!

Guess who got…







Dress: sister’s Zara | Shoes: Christian Louboutin, similar | Sunnies: Versace, similar | Bracelets: Ann Taylor – seriously want this one, Stella & Dot, Madewell, similar | Watch: Kate Spade | Rings: Nicola Chong Jewellery & GLAMROCKS design

So I did it. I bit the bullet. Pulled the trigger. Saved like there was no tomorrow…and got them. And let me tell you.

I L O V E T H E M.

Almost so much that it would seem pathetic. I mean they are shoes right. Just shoes. Shoes with a killer heel, an amazing cut out by the toes, a colour I can wear almost everyday, and that red. Oh my that perfect shade of RED.

Do they hurt your feet. Of course- when I wear them for an entire night. But so do my $20 shoes, and they hurt so much more. I love how my feet look in them, how slender my legs look. Ok maybe this is a love love relationship with my shoes – I know I’ll stop.

But so I wore them to the wedding we went to, and then this outfit to a bridal shower yesterday. With the sister’s brand spanking new Zara dress which is now sold out- yes-Great purchase!

Now onto bigger things…should I get them in black? Just kidding…I may wait a bit. But man, hot shoes can seriously make a girl feel special.

Happy Monday!



Hey everyone, so remember when I mentioned that there would be big events. It seems like 2013 is our year huh!

Maya being preggers, Nest getting their first ever Muskoka cottage, and now….

…no not engaged…

I am starting a new company, an Event Design one. Teaming up with Steamwhistle Brewery– my friend Dana- I will now cater to birthday parties, baby showers, open houses, dinner parties, weddings…you name it!

I decided to call it Toast, because I wanted it to be about celebrations. Nothing specific to the style of party, but something everyone can relate to, like Nest.

After hosting Maya’s baby shower, I contacted Prairie Girl Bakery here in Toronto…and now they are using some of my pics on their FB page, and in their marketing – yay!

Here is a sneak peak of the images the sister and I took for the website – some of them we are not using, and some of them are “action/candid shots”.

Hope you like!




Making sure everything is centered!


Trying out new poses – yes me sitting on a table.


Being asked to adjust things by my “photographer” aka my sister.


Getting tired by the end, so maybe some sitting pics would be great?

Just incase: dress: Club Monaco, shoes: Zara, Turquoise necklace: Nicola Chong Jewellery, watch: Kate Spade, lips: Tarte Lip Surgence Lively, cupcake tier: West Elm

Wrapped in blue…






Two weekends ago the sister and I went to a baby shower. Our hairstylist (we totally swear by) is expecting a wonderful soon to be baby boy! Everything was blue, Tiffany blue, and we wined and dined in a lovely banquet hall.

We played guessing games, but the funniest was by far the “guess how big she is” with a blue string. She had one thing to say: BE KIND! Hehehe some were not so kind!

We love her to death and are elated with the fact that a) she is preggers and b) she invited us to her special day!




Dress: Zara | Boots: Ann Taylor | Watch: Kate Spade Gramercy Grand | Bracelet: Grandmother’s | Necklace: Urban Outfitters (old) | Lipstick: NARS Red Lizard

This was what I wore to the wonderful occasion!

Happy Tuesday lovelies, thanks for reading!