We heart Fridays and days off!

I’ve been so busy with work these past few weeks, but it was all worth it.  I got a award at work for being one of the top employees and last night I attend a Gala to celebrate all our great achievements in the past year. It was amazing, usually work functions are quite passe and I do not attend to many, but this event was really amazing.   We ended up getting 2 days off from work and they put us up at a hotel for the night! How great is that!

Here is what I have been up to these past few days … sorry for the low quality pictures, I really should invest in a smaller compact camera.  I can’t take my dslr everywhere!

Boyfriend and I took advantage of having these couple of days off (he works in the afternoon) and headed out for some Dim Sum! So good!

I contemplated between 2 dresses … this one above I bought in spur of a moment when I quickly walked into H&M to get some jewellery … It’s a bargain for $25!

The other dress was one of those rare finds are Winners (like Marshals).

I got my make up done at MAC and as you can see I went with the second dress.   It worked the best with the shoes I was wearing.

As for the day after the Gala, I am ready to relax and start enjoying the weekend!

Hope you all have awesome long weekend (Family Day for us and Presidents’ Day for our friends south of the border)

xo m

Great friends, great food, great wine…Amazing night!

This 25 was the best I could ask for :  ). We had ridiculously amazing food and wine thanks to Enoteca Sociale. And then awesome drinks and Reggae music (totally chill) at The Painted Lady!

I have the BEST friends and family a girl could ask for…seriously too spoiled with love and laughter.

Thank you to everyone who came out, and all the best wishes. Here is to another wonderful year and many many more to come!

xo n

Me in my new outfit…with all the wine : )

Our private dining room… and the Cheese CAVE!

the friends… enjoying dessert ( Tiramisu & home made donuts with apple sauce) unreal…

Our cab ride home…sister, bf, me and down below is our friend Bree! We had a serious dance party on the way home with our awesome cabbie!

Convo in the cab>>>

Bree: What music is this.

Cabbie: What do you mean this is the best. (who then decides to turn up the music…as we in the back are fist pumping to the beats- Jersey Shore styles).

Bree: (now yelling) Just because you turn up the volume doesn’t mean it sounds better!!!

Then we proceed to turn on the cabbie’s iPhone camera, and watch ourselves wave our hands to the beats (Bree gave in)!

Bahahaha. Best. Night. Ever.