Ikea Hacked! Kids Edition

It seems like both N and I have babies on our mind.  Hers are in a distant and stylish future, while mine should hopefully in a very near future.

We knew Ikea had it in them to create amazing pieces of furniture that look great and are very stylish.   That is why instead of spending thousands of dollars on children’s furniture (which by the way they will outgrow in what it seems days) might be ridiculous for some.  Here are few ideas from very resourceful and clever people out there that have taken ordinary Ikea products and made them into super chic and affordable children’s furniture.

Gotta love Ikea!

Bekvam Spice Rack Bookshelves 

Play Kitchen

Step up stool

Ivar chair play kitchen

Modern crib

Crib Hack

Kiddie Bookshelves


Bookshelf bench

Mhmmmm babies!

This season I visited some family friends, and a good friend of mine (close to my age), had a baby girl in July. Well we have not seen her since even before she was pregnant, so today I got to see her little bunny.  And then I spent all day yesterday with 3 little monkeys who are girls ranging from 4-9, and who love me and my sister. But my sister was not there yesterday, it was just me… and man was I pooped. I was trying to convince them that we should all take a nap. They were not having it and said ” We don’t take naps anymore- we are NOT babies!” Oh little ones, I love taking naps- you will see they are the best.

I love kids,  I LOVE babies, and I would love to shop for a baby! My friend said oh my goodness, can you imagine how you would dress your kid…they would be super co-ordinated and just too cute. I could only imagine! : )

Here is a little wishlist for me for the distant…distant future (seriously I am not kidding). Don’t get me wrong I want kids- just not yet, but I can dream of the accessories and furniture can’t I?

1. Bugaboo meets Missoni Bee…need I say more? 2. I love the idea of a round crib, I feel like it keeps everything more open. 3. I would also really like a dresser that could grow with my child over time. Something that I can refinish/repaint/reuse. 4. I am a designer, I will not have a traditional “Glider Rocker”. This one I love, wood grain detail, and a lumbar pillow in maybe one of my favourite fabrics of all time? Yes please. Bonus- made in Canada baby! 5. I love mobiles, they are the cutest thing ever, and are beautiful!   6. Super space age like cool! 7. Art is a must! 8. Anything Jonathan Adler for babies! 9. Beautiful printed hampers and baskets. 10. Anything Dwell Studio Baby!

Let us know items that all you mama’s out there swear by!

xo n