A little Valentine’s Day love…

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Engagement ring: Kai by Nicola | Nailpolish: Bastille My Heart | Card: Papyrus | Earrings & Necklace: Tiffany & Co. | Lipsticks: NARS Jungle RedHeatwave,& Schiap | Fresh Perfume: Brown Sugar

Regardless of Valentine’s day these are some of my favourite things to use.

1. I wear my ring almost every day and my “jeweler/designer” aka my sister says that nude is the best colour to show off your ring. But it’s Valentines day, and I get bored too easily – I am a colour kinda girl! OPI is my all time favourite nail polish. I usually get the gel because I am so hard on my hands and nails that my regular nail polish lasts maybe one day before it starts chipping.

2. Papyrus or Pap-e-roose as my silly fiancé called them make beautiful hand made cards that are not only the cutest but a family staple of mine!

3. In highschool I was a huge Tiffany’s fan. Haha guilty. Before my sister went into jewelry and before learning that mass produced is not the way to go. So when it comes to this time of year, I bust out my hearts. Still love them, still totally worth it!

4. NARS – amazing. I have plenty more than 3 colours. Heatwave is the most flattering on plenty of different ladies of all skin tones. It is long lasting and great pigment. But it sometimes can be drying – so be sure to put a very light layer of chapstick before.  But other than those 3… I also have: Scarlett Empress, Funny Face, Red Lizard, Cruella and a few of their other pencils. By far the best lipstick I have every had.

5. I am a sucker for citrus perfumes. I like sweet, and fruity, just like I like my wine. This is literally one that I wear on a daily basis. It is light and fresh and definitely lasts.

H A P P Y   V A L E N T I N E S   D A Y lovelies!

Sending much love your way!

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Just Inspire Me…



Oh my do I love this bathroom. After I found this I remembered that I barely posted any of my “outfit” posts from Hawaii. So because this jogged my memory…I feel like the landscape and my outfit well resembles this dreamy tropical bathroom! 


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What I’m wearing: Top: Club Monaco | Hat: Gap | Sunnies: Kate Spade

Summer Breeze…






Shop this look: Dress: Free People | Bra: Free People | Gladiators: Sam Edelman | Jewellery: Free People, Club Monaco, Nicola Chong Jewellery, GLAMROCKS Design | Watch: Kate Spade | Aviators: RayBan

Summer has been strange here in TO. Warm and chilly in the evenings, then hot and hot at night…but I sure do love those warm summer breezes…because goodness knows I get a chill when it’s 25+ with wind.

Everything has been good over here, busy and vacations and well just summer life. It is so short lived in Canada as we have a full 4 seasons to go through.

Hope you are enjoying your summer(s) or season wherever you are!

xo Thanks for reading!







Well we threw a little BBQ. Or rather a Brobeque. Just a little thing to invite the guys to be the fiancé’s men at our wedding. We know it is a little early, but we wanted to share the excitement!

Using his favourite beer, Newcastle Brown Ale we made sure everyone had “their own special brew”.

It was pretty cute, and I got the idea off of Pinterest…but made it my own – of course!

Super happy!


That evening sunshine…







Shop this look! Top: Free People | Jacket: French Connection | Jeans: 7 for all mankind | Shoes: Zara | Bracelet: Target | Necklace: Zara

How was your weekend? Ours was the right blend of fun with friends and low key times with Pups and the fiancé.

And there was plenty of sunshine!

There is something to say about evening sunshine. The warmth of the day. The potential of a next day tan. And remembering the day of warmth and great memories.

Happy Monday evening!


…just inspire me…



Here we go! The fiancé and I are headed to sunny Cali for a work trip for me/mini vacation for the two of us! Have been to Cali before but I was quite little. And with this upcoming wedding we are planning…we are cutting back on the vacations – but this should be fun!


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