Big Island Part 2







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Well we had plenty of beach days…and then we had some sunset evenings. Some beautiful sunset evenings. The only “problem” is that because we are so close to the equator, the sun sets very very early. So we almost missed it a bunch of times!

Luckily we got one great night, the night where we get to see the man blowing the conch. Oh that Hawaiian man…that buff man. So we were wondering why at the other resort we were at the guy was like a “typical” Hawaiian guy…not overly buff, maybe a little soft, but tatted, and just Hawaiian. This guy was SO skinny. And then we realized that it was because this resort was HUGE. He was so fit because he had to run so much further! Haha..well buff and hot none the less. That was wonderful entertainment for sure…at least for me and my Step Mum.

One of our last nights there, we made the drive up to Mauna Kea. Now last time the sister and I were there, we got to see all the stars in the sky because it was such a clear night. This time though, we went to the top…but it was crazy cloudy. I do not deal well with altitude sickness…because I was definitely light headed. But being that high, was awesome. They do say that from the bottom of the volcano – because a huge part of it is under water, it is taller than Mt. Everest. Insane. 

Thanks for reading lovelies!



2 comments on “Big Island Part 2

  1. whatwewear says:

    beautiful photos! enjoy your trip!

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