original image via My Pinterest

Well my lovelies, this lucky lady is going on vacation! To Hawaii!!! Yes my loves, I am headed there for a 10 day long trip in the sun and sand beneath my toes…having real sea salted hair…and a golden baby tan!

Ugh…I am so ready for this vacation. I rarely take real vacation time, and if so it is usually to see the other family and well we all know seeing family is not really a vacation!

So excuse me as I take a little break from blogging, although I have scheduled for you all a daily Interior inspiration post. So do not fret completely. Just no real person behind them daily.

Thanks for understanding and hopefully I will have loads of images for you when I return. When I am gone check my Instagram for my daily details!

xoxox Happy weekend lovelies!

4 comments on “Well…

  1. Have a great time! Enjoy some sun and an exotic cocktail for me!

  2. Sandra says:

    Turning green of envy. 🙂 Hope you’ll have a great time!

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