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Today is my sister’s birthday! She is the big 2-5…quarter of a century. 

There are a few things that you should know about this amazing lady.

1. She is the super duper insanely talented jewellery designer…whom I bug all the time about making me things for me to wear/advertise to the world!

2. She is the best sister in the entire world.

3. She is caring, loving, incredibly smart, talented at everything, responsible, so incredibly beautiful, the baby in the family (and we love that about her too), quite possibly the coolest girl I know, always knowing all the good new music before it comes out on the radio, has serious style, loves deeply, tells me how things really are, says funny things on a daily basis, is the best for knowing what “the kids are saying” these days and so many more things…that I could keep going on and on about! 

She is my bestest (I know that isn’t a word) friend in the entire world, one of the loves of my life and definitely my soulmate.

I could not imagine a day without texting her or talking about her…let alone being an only child. Because even though sometimes we drive each other nuts – we always had to understand we are in this world together. Two peas in a pod born exactly 2 years and 1 month apart to the day!

Thank you for being my sister and for being my ultimate sidekick…for life!

I love you too too too much!


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