Summer Tribal





Shop my look: Top: Zara | Shorts: Free People | Shoes: Sam Edelman | Bag: Target | Aviators: Ray Ban | Nails: Shellac Beach Babe | Rings: Nicola Chong Jewellery, something I got from Greece, GLAMROCKS Design | Jewellery: Madewell, local store in TO, local store in AZ | Necklaces: Maya Brennan, my Mum’s, local store in Utah

Sometimes you find trendy things that are worth it. I could honestly shop at Target every single day….it is sad. I was there for the Phillip Lim for Target launch, at 7am with my sister. And then drove about 1 hour to buy the rest because we were oh about 30th in line and were not lucky.  Weprobablyaretotallynuts at least some people think we are!

Luckily for THIS Target bag I didn’t line up for this one…and it was probably only $15. Trendy tribal bag – check! 

But what to you is the difference from lining up for a fashion item or lining up for a new phone…or lining up for a video game. It is all the same.

I said I would not do this again…and I may only once…and I will take my sister again.

Thanks for reading lovelies! xoxo

P.S. If anyone wants some Phillip Lim bags, we are selling a few online, as I know some countries out there do not have Target – but at least you know I am a real person! 

Phillip-lim-target-bags copy

2 comments on “Summer Tribal

  1. whatwewear says:

    very cool clutch, love it!
    xx Vera & Rony

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