Let’s get real…



I’ve been a bad blogger lady!

So sorry my friends, life has been on vacation mode/partially working mode/busy just life mode. I have been really good at making sure you are entertained with the everyday Interior of the day posts, but other than that and maybe the occasional weekend post I have been lacking on our usual 2 post/day posts.

Let’s be honest. I don’t think I can keep that up anymore…unless for some miraculous reason I have an abundance of time…which may very well happen when business is slow – but let’s hope that I am super duper busy with the Toast launch shortly. Not that I want to leave you, but just that sometimes life gets busy and you just gotta roll with it. Mind you M has been MIA due to life with a newborn who is getting bigger and bigger by the day!

With that said what have I been up to?

Working, trying to launch Toast, enjoying summer with the family before they all leave me and go back to work/school, cottaging, shopping (maybe a bit too much), being “Goldilocks” for about 3 weeks after I finally found a new mattress/redid my bedroom again…haha…(ok maybe just my frame and side tables), spending time with Bunny, baking/cooking for dinner parties and cottage weekends…

…just living life peeps!

When my web design ladies come back, get ready for a rebranding of this blog too! I think we are due for an amalgamation of Nest & Toast…so we may be up for a name change and graphic change of sorts. But don’t worry, you will still find us here at this address!

Happy Summer my friends, and I will post life things when I can for sure- but my daily life is usually on Instagram…so follow along!


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