Hey babe!


*taken via my sister’s iPhone

Oh my goodness…

She is so lovely. Tiny…Little…Beautiful…mixed little Asian monkey!

The sister and I finally got to meet her this past weekend!

We were literally at the mercy of her serious appetite, and sleepy schedule but even for the short amount of time we got to hold this teeny tiny babe – it was lovely.

M is doing great and such a good Mum already, and her hubby B is a serious baby whisperer.

The hilarious thing is M was totally not ok with having so much pink, and yet the little monkey was pretty much in pink head to toe (because of all the gifts they got). Funny how your serious “preferences” before hand go right out the window with what is easiest and closest.

There is just so much love for them, I cannot wait to babysit – I actually said seriously, any time (just maybe not overnight).

LoveLOVElove..Happy Monday!


2 comments on “Hey babe!

  1. Amanda says:

    She is amazing! Congrats M!!

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