Mennonites, Donuts & Pork Sandwiches



Such fond memories of all these coloured tents!


The sister waiting for “Tea Balls”, and then mid way, they sold out!


The master chefs, making my delish buns! 7

Slow cooked on a charcoal bbq…the old way!



Greedy pup waiting for us to drop something. Almost as greedy as Kiwi was!

* all images taken by me

So I know it is Wednesday, but I barely had any time to post this earlier! We went to the annual Mennonite Relief & Auction, as we have been going almost every single year with the family. We skipped a few years because life got busy, but usually we can’t resist the pork buns or donuts or strawberry pie or apple fritters.  On top of the 1000 other things that are so darn delicious and home made!

Ugh we bought 2 dozen donuts, and we pretty much ate all but 5 (only because we had to give them away to our aunt and uncle).

Guess who is going to start working out like nuts and drinking protein again – #hawaiiready…or else I will really look like a pork bun.

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