Let’s get real…



I have this itch. This severe itch to redecorate the spaces I spend time in. Whether it is a small addition, a re-purposing idea, or to revamp the entire thing. It is there.

As you know I re-did my room (here, here, here, here). And I have refinished a few things…here.

So ya’ll know I can design..haha. But this idea of me constantly improving my spaces is fun, but exhausting. I mean I am always always in my everyday life, helping people change their spaces. Come up with new ideas, find them make creative uses of their spaces as is and it is rare that we really get to just revamp!

Wondering why for the rant today… well all you lovely Instagram followers of mine know that the bf loves me so much and has allowed me to change aspects of his space. Which is this one on the website. A bit too manly and cold right?

The bf knows that I constantly want to change his space…even though I don’t live there. So I sneakily keep adding more pillows, or changing their covers, putting candles and picture frames where I can. And buying new bedding (which my mother would say I am notorious for!) So I finally decided to approach the topic, after we had had plenty of conversations about the idea of us moving in together – which will not be happening unless we get a townhouse/house.

My pitch was why not make the best of the fact that we have this decent place here, and the rent is good. Let’s make it a little step closer to being more like “us”.

With a good long convo- about money and longevity and money, and maybe the fact that revamping it will not make me want to spend more time here, and a semi “Ok you can do a few things”.

Slash that was my take on me getting the go-ahead and that is all I have been doing for the past 4 days.

I pretty much got everything I want except: a slipcovered sofa, a new rug, new side chairs, new dining table and some wallpaper. BUT I seriously got a ton of improvements from the before and guess what…

He likes it better.

The new and improved place is cozier, more welcoming, and much much more grown up.

I will post the reveal eventually, but for now follow me on Instagram  for the latest!

Happy Tuesday lovelies!


2 comments on “Let’s get real…

  1. Amanda says:

    Woohoo! Well played 😉

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