Guess who got…







Dress: sister’s Zara | Shoes: Christian Louboutin, similar | Sunnies: Versace, similar | Bracelets: Ann Taylor – seriously want this one, Stella & Dot, Madewell, similar | Watch: Kate Spade | Rings: Nicola Chong Jewellery & GLAMROCKS design

So I did it. I bit the bullet. Pulled the trigger. Saved like there was no tomorrow…and got them. And let me tell you.

I L O V E T H E M.

Almost so much that it would seem pathetic. I mean they are shoes right. Just shoes. Shoes with a killer heel, an amazing cut out by the toes, a colour I can wear almost everyday, and that red. Oh my that perfect shade of RED.

Do they hurt your feet. Of course- when I wear them for an entire night. But so do my $20 shoes, and they hurt so much more. I love how my feet look in them, how slender my legs look. Ok maybe this is a love love relationship with my shoes – I know I’ll stop.

But so I wore them to the wedding we went to, and then this outfit to a bridal shower yesterday. With the sister’s brand spanking new Zara dress which is now sold out- yes-Great purchase!

Now onto bigger things…should I get them in black? Just kidding…I may wait a bit. But man, hot shoes can seriously make a girl feel special.

Happy Monday!


5 comments on “Guess who got…

  1. They are the perfect shade of nude for you. Congrats!!
    x Laura

  2. Those shoes are amazing! As well as all the outfit. Love your style – can easily find something for myself. Thanks for sharing!

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