Let’s get real…



I love weddings. I love the idea of having a day to share in someones love, to watch real men cry, to watch pieces of art that are wedding gowns parade down that aisle. I love eating great food, getting to drink as much as you want, and party like there is no tomorrow. I love having an event to go to, with someone/people I love and share a great night out with almost no care in the world.

I am not the girl who has her wedding planned. Nor am I the girl who has “dreamed” about this day her whole life.

I am just the girl who loves going to beautiful events. The girl who knows pretty much exactly what she wants about everything.

 I am the girl who knows exactly which song she would love to dance to with her guy- this one. Which photographer she wants – this one. Who she wants to write signs like the ones above – this one. The girl who knows most definitely that she will have peonies at her wedding- a family sentiment. Who also maybe has made an entire board of gorgeous weddings she loves, and would love to have eventually.

I know what I want…for that day…when it comes. Don’t worry, you will know…

But I have always loved weddings..and cannot wait for this weekend when the bf and I attend a seriously awesome black tie affair- may have gotten a kick-ass dress in coral, and spoiled myself with my first pair of Louboutin heels– in nude. It is gonna be a James Bond kind of night-eeeeek!

Happy Thursday lovelies!


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