The event of the weekend…



So our (me and the bf’s) really good friends were having a birthday/housewarming party this past weekend! They had been living there for a long while, and had yet to have a party because once they were all settled in – there was a flood in the condo! As this party was long due, and Laura and I have very similar tastes in decor/design and everything else, we needed to make this party one to remember!

Starting a secret Pinterest board, taking over the decor aspect completely without the boy knowing about it – we Pinterest(ed) it up! We decided on the theme Girls vs Boys. 

We made a glittery banner for the girls, and a construction/kraft paper one for the boys.

Girl side: Crudités, chocolate covered strawberries, strawberry mojito, cupcakes, candy bar, cheese spread, mason jar drinks, lip confetti and candles for decor – as well as leopard black and gold napkins.

Guys side: Pulled pork sandwiches, jalapeño poppers, chips and salsa, Gin & Tonic station, charcuterie platter, and moustache mugs.

A fantastic time was had by all…and another one for the Toast portfolio!

Thanks Laura & Jordan, you guys throw a great party!


4 comments on “The event of the weekend…

  1. Such a fun party theme! I love the decor and food spread.

  2. Nicola says:

    Can girls eat from the guys menu?!

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