Let’s get real…


We apologize for being a little MIA lately…we are usually pretty on top of things. But with Nest being seriously busy, Toast starting up and M about ready to pop…us ladies have some serious stuff goin’ on! 

So as we apologize to all you lovely peeps that want to hear the things we have to say twice a day…we may be in a bit of a daze for the next little while.

With all this business stuff going on, it really got me thinking!

Well you know how much I love revamping things every year or so…I think we may need a new face for this blog. I mean don’t get me wrong..I love what the sisters did, but they know me a little too well, and know that as I grow…my ideas of design change.

Hear me out. 

I would love a place for interiors, events, family, life, personal style, fashion – to exist in one. So I am thinking of renaming this blog, and maybe expanding it a little to encompass Toast AND Nest. More of a lifestyle type. We will obviously continue Interior of the day, but we may occasionally pop in Event of the day, or fashion inspiration. I just want people to feel like this place is a place for all things Design & Life.

Any ideas lovelies? Let me know your thoughts!



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