Our fave nursery ideas …

B (husband) and I have been living in our 1 bedroom apartment for over 4 years now and we love it … and we really don’t want to move.  We love the location, price is fairly reasonable for a midtown Toronto and most importantly the northbound is safe and a great place to raise children.  The drawback now is that the baby is less than 2 months away and she has no nursery.  My parents think we are selfish for not moving to a lager apartment …aka make the move up to suburb, however to us that is not an option.  So, for now we will stay in our lovely 1 bedroom apartment  until the little is old enough to have her own room and until then we will share our bedroom with her.

If we were moving into a 2 bedroom apartment I would love to incorporate some of these amazing ideas from the nurseries below.

Hope you all have a wonderful Monday!


Nursery 1

Large windows with lots of natural light … I also love the herringbone floor in this nursery, but that is so hard to come by these days in rental apartments, unless you install it yourself.

Nursery 2

I love the stripe wall and the mobile, but also how nice is this room considering that it is all from Ikea?  We actually decided to get the same crib … and so far we have no regrets.

Nursery 3

I love, love this nursery! First, because it does not look like a nursery.  Second, that awesome art wall.  Third, love that rug!

Nursery 4

Just as with the above nursery, I love this one because of all the ‘grown up’ elements withing it. That light fixture is just amazing!

Nursery 5

Even though is one is very different from the 2 above, I still love the pops of colour and how kid friendly it is.
Nursery 6

Every kid should have a chalkboard wall … or just any wall to express themselves!

All images via my Pinterest Board.

4 comments on “Our fave nursery ideas …

  1. Liz Patton says:

    We lived in our wonderful one bedroom apartment until our little daughter was one year old and all was fine. Had to move due to her toys and clothes and stroller etc. All the best where ever you live.

    Date: Mon, 1 Apr 2013 15:57:11 +0000 To: liz_patton@hotmail.com

  2. We live in a 3,000 sq ft 3 bedroom/3 bathroom house with a large master suite on the second level and two other bedrooms on the first level, one at the opposite end of the house. Even from the time my 4 and almost 3 year-old were tiny babies, I never really felt very comfortable having them sleep in a separate location that would be hard to find in the middle of night in case of a fire or some other emergency situation. Having a “family bedroom” has worked well for us. I say do whatever works best for you, your husband, and, most of all, your baby.

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