Interior of the day …

White painted beams, industrial/factory windows, open neutral space with pops of colour.  Very beautiful living room in this Barcelona loft.  For move images of this gorgeous loft go to Trendland.

industrial-loft-in-barcelona-1-600x428 industrial-loft-in-barcelona-3-600x400 industrial-loft-in-barcelona-4-600x749 industrial-loft-in-barcelona-5-600x749 industrial-loft-in-barcelona-6-600x749 industrial-loft-in-barcelona-7-600x749 industrial-loft-in-barcelona-9-600x749

3 comments on “Interior of the day …

  1. chefgusto says:

    Wow, this is just… spectacular! Amazing work!

  2. Ohhhh Barcelona! We spent an iconic week there last April and I feel wistful for it looking at this great space!

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