Yummm….cupcakes at the baby shower!





IMG_8942 IMG_8980



Have you Canadians ever heard of Prairie Girl Cupcakes?

O M Goodness. To die for!

This amazing bakery makes only cupcakes. Cupcakes of all sorts, special edition ones, unique flavoured ones, and some classic ones that boy-oh-boy knock your socks off.

M insisted that she get those cupcakes, and I was 150% on board with her. My sister almost had a heart attack when I told her that they – PGB – didn’t deliver/open on Sundays. THAT is how incredibly gluttonous we are.

We got them. We indulged. I still have some in the freezer to eat at a later time. 

Well the lovely team over there is going to use some of the images my sister took of that day in their client meetings/web page etc. How awesome is that- so pumped!

Oh ya and the watermark on the bottom – my new company!

 Stay tuned we are not ready to launch yet! 

Happy Wednesday!

p.s. and how adorable is M all preggers – too cute!


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