Let’s Get Real…

five things

I really enjoy when bloggers post things about themselves that anyone and everyone can relate to. This little 5 questions/answers is a great way for us to give you short and simple things about us – as real people. I found these entries from two of my favourite bloggers Jacquelyn Clark &  Sally & Molly. And thought, why not include this and send it out to our readers!


1…..I have a serious obsession/love/stereotypicalasiangirlhasalittlewhitedog relationship with my dog. Wait, you already knew that. hahaha. Let me elaborate. I got Kai when I just graduated high school and was transitioning into college. We had Kiwi for 9 years, and figured she could use a little friend/companion (although she was Miss Independent), I really think it made her live longer. He was so little, so cute, and so fluffy. He is the most unconditional loving squawking monster we know, and everyone who meets him just cannot resist- his little paws, his “wooing” noises, or his lovable body. He I swear is one of the best things to ever happen to my family (after Kiwi), he brings us such joy, and we are so grateful to have had such great dogs in our life – nothing can replace them.

2…..Open water + me = recipe for panic attacks and disaster. That’s right peeps. I am so incredibly deathly afraid of open water. Call it an ocean, a deep dark lake. Me = freaking out uncontrollably. Irrational fear of lakes, yes. Irrational fear of oceans, kinda…there are sharks. This is one thing, I have yet to conquer, and I scream and squirm like a little baby.


3….My parents have been divorced since I was 3. I was the first “generation” of kids at my school to have my dad living somewhere else. My parents were married, for about 7 years I think and it didn’t work out. Trust issues, man/boy issues obviously developed. But it wasn’t until my Dad met my second step-mother (oh right, hahah skipped the stupideevilcinderellastoryb… one.) that we found peace in our blended family. Out popped our little stinky monster of a sister who turns 9 on March 29!!! And the world makes sense…kinda yet again. It made me who I am today that is for sure, and my Mama raised some pretty awesome kids (totally biased obvs).

4…..Seafood is not my friend. I am a huge foodie…and eat more than I exercise. But I work out 4 days a week- so I am allowed. I cannot stand the texture of it, the taste, the “fishiness”. I will eat lots, and lots of what I love. But man…seafood is too much for this girl to handle.


5…..My nickname from my bf is Duck, and his is Goose. Call us pathetic..it’s ok. It may have started from a very young age that my sister and I have a serious knack for creating names/languages. We had 2 of our own down, by the time we were about 5-7. So let’s put it that way. When I met the bf. I had no idea this was gonna happen. He is totally insane. In a good way. But he calls me everything under the moon and then some…such as…lovely duck, nuffin brains, smoochey baby….yup totally weird. We are not normal.

Pass this on if you’d like, and let’s read and get to know more about you!

Thanks for reading! natalie.signature-nov

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