I think every girl on this planet is currently obsessed with chevron or at least she has been for the last few months.   As you might have noticed chevron is really in right now … I was at a grocery lineup yesterday and I noticed that Jennifer Love Hewitt is on the cover of Shape magazine wearing a gorgeous 2 piece pink chevron bikini.  Just love it!


All images via Pinterest.
Chevron 10

From baby clothes … 

Chevron 9

… table runners …
Chevron 8

… pillows, lampshades, walls … Chevron 7… wallets and make up cases …
Chevron 5… blankets …
Chevron 4… even cakes …
Chevron 2… to furniture …
Chevron 1… and of course fashion!! 

It’s just about everywhere! 

2 comments on “Chevron!!!

  1. annumography says:

    Yep, I love it too. I tried to resist being so ‘trendy’, but I couldn’t help myself. 🙂

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