Let’s get real…


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As I have told some of you before over the past 3 years of my relationship, that this time of year has been one spent inside. Three levels, 3 years of studying, 3 years of CFA. The bf is studying yet again, and this season, when it is not quite warm out…but almost getting there we spend it inside. Inside where I begin again to be the supportive girlfriend (not that I am not normally). But this time of year, I am even more supportive.

Laundry is done, apartment is clean, cooking is happening…always.

With those 3 years, and this year of studying, I find myself wondering and thinking about what it means to be a good girlfriend, a good partner, a good spouse. There are so many things. Men and women are very different, and we offer different things to each relationship. I spoke earlier about what it meant to be “domestic”. And when we are going through these months, the domestic factor definitely comes into play again. I am the one helping out with the chores that are usually done by women- not to be sexist…but really sterotypical. The cooking…the cleaning…the helping out.

This is how I can help him out, and therefore this is what I will do. Help him reach his full potential in the work force, which will then in return eventually buy us a house, a car, and a life/lifestyle. I am really grateful that the bf does what he does, as he is very good at it, because he definitely makes more than the average Canadian (not that I think what is does is worthy of that amount..I mean it isn’t brain surgery or teaching young ones, or even non-for-profit). But I am grateful that our life, and our children will grow up with many opportunities.

However, every weekend. I am here. Laundry-ing, and cooking, and cleaning. And boy-oh-boy…it is exhausting. I mean I don’t have any kids yet, or other obligations (other than work stuff). But reflecting on everything we as a couple are pretty good with splitting up certain things, and I have no problem with allowing him to be “the man” and take out the garbage, or change the lightbulbs, or climb that ladder to get things. No problemo- be the man.

So at this time of year… I will see you inside, with my computer on the coffee table, TV in front of me, pile of laundry beside me and a huge Lasagne in the oven!

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2 comments on “Let’s get real…

  1. Interesting post! I think that in a relationship we have to take turns being the support (whether financially, domestically, and so forth). Right now I’m supporting my boyfriend in many ways, and when I go through my next stress-filled time in life…it’s his turn. Glad I found your blog. I love design, so it’s perfect.

    • Definitely! Thanks so much for the comment. Sometimes it seems I support more emotionally- maybe it’s being female and slightly more “maternal/mature”. Thanks for following Ashley!

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