Ahhhh vacay…


* images taken by Nest Design Studio

Sometimes a little break from real life is all you need. To feel the sand beneath your toes, and the sunshine on your skin. My goodness was it glorious – I swear we were supposed to exist in a tropical location…I just know we were!

We (sister and I)  had the pleasure of heading to a family friends place in Florida, where all these pictures pretty much summed up what our daily activities were.

Beach. Dogs. Food.

I could have done with more sun…these golden babies, are not as golden as they’d like to be.

We actually didn’t sleep in at all, and rarely napped- unless it was on the beach. We ate well, and shopped for sure. But shopped on a budget – mostly Target, and then maybe a few boutique stores on Main Street. I was dying to get some “beach decor” for my Muskoka Beach Cottage project, (which you can see is taking shape on Instagram), but was stopped by the sister, as I couldn’t take home shoes and home decor in my suitcase!

Psh…next time!

All said and done, I am much less stressed, and ready to take on a new month before my next little break (next time to see the family).

Happy Tuesday lovelies, thanks for reading!


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