Let’s get real…


Without digging into serious personal details, this entry of let’s get real is going to be short and sweet.

Life sometimes can be a bit tough. Sometimes it can throw things at you that you weren’t expecting.

Unfavourable business decisions, investments that maybe went sour, accidents that were totally preventable, relationships…struggling etc. etc.

Sometimes all I want to do is not care, not be mad, not be bitter, not be frustrated, really just not care about what happens…and then I remember that I am me. Someone who cares deeply, loves deeply, evaluates consequences… because I do care.

So my way of dealing with it?

Just do it, and do it with grace.

At the end of my day, I am the person I am because of my choices. Sometimes you just need to pull up those stockings, and understand that thisisgoingtomakeyouabetterperson. It sucks and you are thinking OMG I’ve done this before..and you probably have, but it may be slightly different.

My Mama always says two things: Things happen for reasons – tough situations shape who you are- and who you are to become. 


People are in your life  for a reason, a season or a lifetime.

Bring it life, I guess I am ready, I will try my best.

Thanks for reading peeps!


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