DIY Series: Black & white paper cup garland







Ok so this may be one of my most favourite DIY’s ever. And although we know that this is not in English, those darnohsowonderful Scandinavians really know how to make black and white items look so stinking cool!

Seems pretty easy enough to follow, so now I just need to redecorate the bf’s apartment with paper cups and maybe….well…. revamp it all. Less grey, more black and white only. Now let’s just start with the whole idea of getting him on-board with the paper cup idea- before we do the whole “we absolutelypositivelywithoutquestion need to redecorate”.

Happy DIYing lovelies!


4 comments on “DIY Series: Black & white paper cup garland

  1. I love it. That’s too cute. I always try to translate the tutorials in foreign languages using the google option. However, there always seems to be a few pieces missing.

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