Let’s get real…

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Top: Zara | Watch : Kate Spade Gramercy Grand | Bracelet: random store | Necklace: Zara | Lips: NARS Red Lizard | Camera: Canon Rebel T2i

With 2013 in full swing, I had the urge to do more with my free time. Since I work from home I am able to schedule my days in a manner that most do not have the luxury, I decided that I wanted to take more time this year to give back. Give back to the community, and just give back to the world.

Due to the fact that we live in a first world country- and that in itself is truly amazing. We complain about small things like: how we ran out of gas for our car, or how my curling iron just isn’t curling my hair exactly how I want it to, or how you hate it when you lose a sock in your washing machine, or you went shopping and the store ran out of ONLY your size!

First world problems.

So, I racked my brain to find something that I could do that didn’t really involve anything I really didn’t like doing. I’ve done the “building a house” part, and would really not mind participating in serving food to people. But I thought… were these things that I could commit to every single week? Then that “OMG Oprah’s A-Ha moment happened”… a listing of 9 puppies came up at the local animal shelter, and I knew right away (if they’d take me) it would be the right decision. My decision to help out was made by well…my love for dogs…and as simple as that.

Shelters are usually run by the government, or solely by volunteers. I figured that shelter animals also don’t get enough love because they are well in a shelter. They don’t have consistent owners who would scratch their belly, feed them too many treats, play ball all day etc. etc. Wrong! These guys get so much love because we work in shifts…all day and night. So not only do they get love…they get it from at least 10 people a day!

With that said, I love my volunteering job. Because those stinky little guys totally melt my heart. I want to take at least one of them home – and already have my favourites. I may be the one crying the next week because my fave got adopted. I pick up poop in a 5 hour span about 10 times. I am mopping pee every 15 minutes. My back is sore because these puppies are getting so heavy, that struggling letting them out one at a time is more than a work out. But during every shift, I get a serious snuggle on the sofa, and the world is an amazing, simple, happy place yet again.

If you can, do more this year. Not for yourself, but for others.

Thanks for reading!


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