We heart Fridays and getting excited for vacation time!


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via J Crew  & Pinterest

It is -14 outside. Feels like -22. O M G it is SOOOO cold!

When it is like this, I don’t like it. They say that us Canadians love the cold. THIS is too cold…no one likes it really. And if they say they do they are lying.

When this happens we make like geese…and fly south.

So guess what. The sister and I are headed to Sarasota FL, oh about a month from now. But nothing makes me want to be there more then when it is omgoodnessholytamolesminus22degreesoutside.

This is what I actually look like…


Happy Friday, thanks for reading!


6 comments on “We heart Fridays and getting excited for vacation time!

  1. neonspndx says:

    I feel. the. same. way.

  2. Happy Friday & safe travels. Around -14 here in Norway too 😦 Tired of not feeling my legs haha. xoxo KJ http://kjandersen.wordpress.com/

  3. Lesley Randles says:

    I cant even begin to imagine how cold you are- or how you survive in those temperatures! I live in Durban, South Africa and yesterday our temperature was 37 degrees Celsius with almost 100% humidity. The least amount of exertion produced rivulets of perspiration- much more than a ladylike “glow”! I took my dogs for a walk this afternoon in the pouring rain- sheer bliss after yesterday!

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