Interior of the day …

A friend recently moved into his new house and like any man has marked his territory … first thing he told his wife is “the basement is mine”, to which she replied “but that’s the kids playroom”.

In the end they compromised, one side of the basement ended up being his, while the other side is where the kids will be playing.

While looking at pictures of “man caves”, all I came across are some very tacky rooms with giant TV screens and theater style seating … is this what a man cave is?   Can it be more stylish?

If my husband ever requested a man cave … this is the closest thing to it that he would get … and of course there would be a big screen TV, just maybe hidden.

Guys out there … if you are reading, tells us what your dream ‘man cave’ would look like.  We would love to hear from you.


Via QBN.Man Cave

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