Let’s get real…



The older I get the more I realize that things happen that really end up just fitting into place. For the month of January, the bf and I have been entertaining, getting invited to dinner parties, going to restaurants with other couples and really in all serious being somewhat domestic. Hmm.. domestic. It is such a strange word, and yet there are few things to describe this stage in our life, in our late 20-something-yuppie-life.

I mean we really are getting older. I mean don’t get me wrong, I love it. I love hosting, baking, salad making, entertaining etc. I have always felt older than my age – always. Due to environmental/life factors (parents being split up young) so this whole, idea…when people ask so what are you doing this weekend? And I reply with, oh we are hosting a dinner party, or going out to dinner for a friends birthday etc. It seems like wow, yupp, older things are happening. Instead of me saying I am going clubbing.

These thoughts started to come to me when we were at a “dinner party” of a friends, where there were 6 of us. We were chatting about everything really, work, life, some people in Masters programs etc. But observing what people are doing as they chat, 3 couples. Girls chatting in the kitchen about the upcoming 2 weddings we have all been invited to. And the guys sitting around in the living room drinking beer – talking about sports.

Strange. So strange.

Strange as to how we assume these roles without almost even thinking about it. How sometimes things just happen. Fall into place almost without us really noticing that this stage in our life..this is what we do now.

Feel free to let me know if/when you went through these things. For me it is more of just simply a realization – I am content. Due to the simple fact that I get to sit around usually a table or a living room- drink wine, eat a yummy dinner, and indulge in that Pumpkin Pecan Pie I made for the party.

I mean, I am not really missing out on being pushed around at clubs, or getting screamed at in the middle of a coat check line because some chick saw her friend she hasn’t seen in maybe oh 1 day or something, or maybe because I don’t have to wait outside for about 1.5 hours to get into that sweaty bar only to leave in 30 minutes- because you’re freezing and too tired.

Then, if that is what I could have instead. I’ll take the being domestic, any – damn – day.

Thanks for reading!


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