We heart Friday’s and personal style!







Jacket: A Movable Feast | Hat: Joe Fresh | Chinos: GAP | Boots: Zara | Avaitors: Anthropologie | Lips: Tarte Lipsurgence in Enchanted (seriously a super fave!)

I am a Pinterest-er. I go on there every day, expecting to be inspired. And it never seems to disappoint. I am quite the sucker for wonderful images. Personal style posts…

– insert serious “ugh” sound-

– huge sucker –

(I totally secretly wish that I was one of those awesome style bloggers I see all the time there too!)

I like to make mental notes of what part of their outfit makes it just right? Colour? Hair? Slouchy pants/tight pants? Stilettos?

Since I seriously enjoy fashion/fashion bloggers…and am always interested in trying to use the items of clothing that I already have to duplicate/try to duplicate, or even just being inspired to try new outfits I haven’t tried before.

Usually it is easier said than done, because the fit is sometimes off…that’s frustrating. But for the most part playing dress up can be fun!

Since I know you have voiced/liked my outfit posts before…come with me on this style journey!


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