Taking care of business…


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So 2013 is a new year, and we want to make sure you all are getting the most if what you like to see on our blog! You all have been so amazingly supportive of our transition to WordPress, and we seriously read each and every comment you post! Let’s go over a few things…as we would really looove to hear your opinions! Your comments make our day!

1. Interior of the day is obviously going to stay, any other home features you want to see? More modern, more traditional etc.?

2. Lifestyle/personal style. How are the pics of our everyday fashion? Design related but more us experimenting in life. What we do, what we are up to (Instagram), what we are wearing etc.

3. House love/If we could live in a…- want more or less of this?

4. Let’s get real- boring or straight up? Do you really care about what we think?

5. DIY Series. Fun or are we showing things you’d never really attempt- no matter how “Martha Stewart” you are feeling?

6. Get this look/Let’s Shop – boring or interesting? are we wasting our time creating these, or are they cool/fun?

Thanks all, we just wanna make sure everyone is happy with our content. We are trying to emulate the ideas that we like best in our daily reads…thanks for being patient as we find our “blogging selves” through this process!

Xoxo N & M

13 comments on “Taking care of business…

  1. zigzagmags says:

    Love #1 and #2. #3 is good, but sometimes it doesn’t interest me as much because I live in a smaller space, but it’s nice to dream πŸ™‚ I do care what you think – which is why I read your blog! #5 – some are just too hard. I like quick and easy DIY’s – maybe add in more of a mix between something small you can do to ‘re-vamp’ a look and then of course the big things too. #6 – middle of the road on this one. I like seeing what you already own (#2) and how you put it together.

  2. Marthafied says:

    Welcome to WordPress! I LOVE interiors, and I have subscribed! Definitely the lifestyle/personal aspect, I’m always looking for inspiration and love to check out what other people are putting together!! Fab blog!

  3. thatgirlwhit says:

    i love them all…#1 has always been my personal favy..BUT variety is great! It allows for inspiration in a few different areas, which i love.

  4. Barbara says:

    LOVE your blog! My favorites are 1 and 3… Although I love seeing pics of different places, different products, design styles or the latest and greatest… Great job!

  5. nuresma says:

    I love them all, but maybe 6 is the one that doesn’t interest me too much. Anyway, continue in your line and we’ll be here to read πŸ™‚
    Thanks for asking, it’s a really nice gesture.

  6. CJ says:

    I’m new to your blog, and have been loving every minute of it!!! So none of it’s boring to me since I’m just getting to know you…Remember that there will always be us newbies..so keep up the good work!!

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