Take me away …

… to the English Countryside!

Over the last few months I have been following this very talented photographer on Instagram.  Her name is Marie Marte and she is super talented and creative.  Her images of the English Countryside on her blog are just so dreamy.  Each day I wait for her to post new images just so I can be taken away to this beautiful far away place.

I know it sounds crazy, but I have this fantasy of living in England one day.  Just don’t tell my husband, he is really not keen on the English weather, I on the other hand would deal with the rain (even though I hate rain) just so I could a little dreamy cottage somewhere on the green pastures overlooking the rugged sea.

You can visit Marie Marte on her blog at Le voyages creatif.  All images by Marie Marte from her blog.  


marte_marie_forsberg_20121008IMG_7486 marte_marie_forsberg_20121008IMG_7508 marte_marie_forsberg_20121008IMG_7510 marte_marie_forsberg_20121008IMG_7517 marte_marie_forsberg_20121008IMG_7521 marte_marie_forsberg_20121008IMG_7584 marte_marie_forsberg_20121008IMG_7592 marte_marie_forsberg_20121008IMG_7594 marte_marie_forsberg_corf_castle_10_2012-1 marte_marie_forsberg_corf_castle_10_2012-2 marte_marie_forsberg_corf_castle_10_2012-3 marte_marie_forsberg_corf_castle_10_2012-5 marte_marie_forsberg_corf_castle_10_2012-7

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