The bf’s birthday is December 20th. December 21st is when the world was supposed “to end”, according to the Mayan calendar. So this year, he wanted to “go out with a bang”.

Why not have a dinner with all your family and friends and just drink, eat and enjoy each others company!

We booked it, a dinner of 35 amazing people…and a wonderful night was had. Unfortunately, some people couldn’t made it due to family obligations etc. we really wish they did come…but we are just so appreciative of every single individual who DID come!

The dinner was not the surprise, but a fellow girlfriend of the group and I did all the decor. Inspired by my daily finds on Pinterest, I totally pulled it off. Thanks to the help of others, and the hard work…the party was just what I had envisioned.

So much so that I will be announcing some big news..work wise…great things for 2013!

Each place setting had, made by yours truly:

a small gold animal (the idea here was like Noah’s Arc..two by two…)

a personally sewn napkin- ranging in about 5 different fabric options

1 striped straw

Beyond that, we had white & black & gold glass votives, confetti (in all our colours), a Kraft paper table runner, and a tissue paper banner! Boy was it festive!

Thank you to our friends and family for celebrating their potentially “last night alive” with us! It would not have been the same without you!

Thanks for reading!


2 comments on “

  1. nuresma says:

    Amazing! You did a really good work! It seems you had a lovely night 🙂

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