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Today is my dear bf’s birthday! He is turning 26 and we are throwing an awesome party tonight!

There are so many things that he is: charming, loving, smothering, handsome, intelligent, fun..and so much more…but I thought that some pictures would more accurately describe him.


He is a suit. He works in a tough industry and he does it with dedication and perseverance- that is something that I incredibly admire about who he is as a person. Because I know, that he has grown to give as much as he does about work, as he does about me- and that is something that I may or may not notice all the time.


As much as he is a suit, he is a guy’s guy. He is not afraid to get dirty or rough it…as long as he has the right gear. He is a really fun person to be around, and has an infectious energy about him. When he is in a good mood- we all know it! He takes forever to make decisions about things he acquires, but when he does he sticks with it- forever.


He is the guy to carry me through the snow, or piggy back me from the subway (after a long night of killer shoes). He does things sometimes that just make me smile. He is secretly/not so secretly starting to really enjoy dessert- which I love/can’t live without.


He loves my family and knows that I am pretty much obsessed with my dog.


But then again, so is he.


He accepts that I need more sleep than him. That I have to document almost every single outing we have together. That when my family goes out we are a three-course meal kind of family. That we are loud, and all talk over one another. That I need more than 20 minutes to fully get ready for a night out. That shopping is something inevitable.


He loves me a lot- maybe too much. That is something that I have known for a long time…and maybe forget it sometimes. But everyone I know…knows. He will make a great husband and dad one day, and I am so looking forward to our future together.

Happy Birthday my Goose!

Love you so much and see you tonight!


* all pictures are personal or taken from Pinterest*

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