Let’s get real…straight up.






Via Starry Eyed.

Warning: A strong opinion may follow…

Last night I watched the VS Fashion Show with my sister. A annual ritual we do together. We love the costumes and the performances…and oh ya let’s not forget the hot bods/perfect hair/perfect everything.

Here’s the thing, I know a lot of females that a) Don’t watch it because they think/know they will hate themselves afterwards b) Don’t let their bf’s/husbands watch it because they think their bf’s/husbands will hate them after they watch it.

When I think about these things, in my personal opinion- I think it is silly. Not to offend anyone, but I think you should be able to watch or not watch what whatever you like…there’s no need to stop someone else from watching because you feel differently about the program then others (obviously unless you are preventing the young ones from harm).

Then I think, why do we have such programs that make people, have the urge to feel bad about themselves..not everyone but some. For entertainment…for money… for who? Don’t get me wrong I adore the show, and watch it religiously every single year. I also do wish (at times) that I had longer legs, more perfect skin, killer abs…who doesn’t. And who are we to say that those “perfect” ladies don’t totally feel insecure about something about themselves…everyone does.

But that doesn’t mean that my bf is gonna dump me just because of the show, and if he did… screw him! If you don’t feel confident in yourself, then you won’t in your life, and then you won’t in your relationship. End of story. A TV program isn’t gonna change that.

So regardless of the VS Show there are tons and tons of programs, music videos, movies, ads etc. that have ridiculously amazing looking people out there. The VS Show is just one more thing.

One more thing that doesn’t make me an expert in self confidence, or body image or anything related for that matter.

So with all the glitz and the glam and those awesome air blown kisses… watching the show sure does make for some darn good entertainment…and make me happy that I sweated it out in my Zumba class beforehand.

Don’t kill me, just trying to be real here.

Thanks for reading!


3 comments on “Let’s get real…straight up.

  1. I like this post SO MUCH!! Thank you for this sensible opinion. It would be a lot better for female body image if everybody could just accept ALL bodies and not just whichever is politically correct, and SECONDLY if everybody could stop feeling that every other female or female bod. constitutes an invitation to judge. No sooner did the Duchess of C. reveal her pregnancy and morning sickness, than some troublemaking media began suggesting the illness was caused by her being too thin, which she is not.

    I consider myself a pretty good feminist, but these beautiful bodies in the VS show are every bit as valid, feminine and natural as the larger ones that are more typical. Accepting one’s own shape should never mean vindictively putting down someone else’s to make yourself feel better. Guaranteed very few of these “perfect ladies” thought they were perfect in middle school when they were labelled skinny, gawky, weird or gangly and sneered at by girls of other shapes.

    Live and let live. Wow. Get me ranting much?

  2. (Sorry 😦 ) One more thing! You mention body image, and I think if we could devise an attitude where our own body image was linked to what we did with our own gifts of nature, and the media and others would learn not to forever define every woman by what her body looks like, it would go a long way to solving negative body image issues. And as for these rare and unusual women who become models, it is because the features of clothes are better shown on that shape of woman, and because a camera adds ten pounds! Simple as that, and not anything to do with any reflection on any other woman.

    Alright. I’m done!

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