Come fly with me…let’s fly away…

Travelling can sometimes be a real pain. Trust me I know. I have been flying since I was 5…and it doesn’t really get easier/more enjoyable.
As a well seasoned traveller…being in a steel capsule, with recycled air for at least 4 hours…I have learned a couple things when it comes to fashion. Here is my list of fail proof fashion to totally look like you’ve got your ish together when you walk on/off the plane!

*   This does not guarantee that the hot guy who got on the plane with you, will pick you up afterwards…because I can’t help that your hair has the potential to look like a disaster after 4 hours. Just sayin’   *

1. A basic tee. These are great because if you get too hot and take off your sweater…you could pretty much add anything to this and it would look effortless. So versatile and so comfy!
2. A comfortable drapey/wrap like sweater. If you are cold you can snuggle up. If you are hot you can remove without getting all your makeup wiped on the inside- genius!
3. Leggings. Black preferably, but need I say more?
4. Flat shoes. I hate that part when you have to take your shoes off- gross. But flats allow you to remove easily and could be cute patent ones too!
5. A really great big bag. I love how much some of my bags hold. I enjoy small compartments for necessities and a large opening for ease of use (especially when you are smashing your head on the tray to dig deep into the bottom of those).
6. Accessories: hat/watch/simple jewellery/sunglasses. These are things you can add to any outfit and look totally pulled together. I really don’t like wearing too much, but I feel it adds that little touch of glam. Plus if you wanna be that chick walking off the plane wearing her, or just put them on your head so you look cool.
7. My “I don’t know what I’d do without on a plane” makeup things. Hand cream- OMG amazing. Bronzer- because you know you smooshed half of it on the back of your seat/pillow while you were sleeping. Solid perfume – because recycled air smell/tooty air smell is just not a cool smell. Lip balm- whoever invented this stuff..I could kiss them!
Happy Travels!

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