Leather & Camo

Scarf: Aritzia | Jacket: A Movable Feast | Black longsleeve: Gap | Pants: Zara (love them but they fit a bit small) | Bag: Zara | Shoes: Zara | Sunnies: Anthropologie | Lipstick: NARS Heatwave

This was the bf and I last weekend. We had a wonderful dinner date at our fave pizza place in town.. QMP (Queen Margherita). And I tried something different with my hair…curly!

This is usually how our dinner date nights go down… I pick him up from work, we drive to the restaurant (as we chase the sunset), we get out and take pictures (sometimes he thinks that I only dress up for you guys), and then we head to the restaurant.

He is funny about taking pictures. Ridiculous in fact. He seems to think that he doesn’t know anything (even with the directions that I give him). He thinks that it is just beginners luck. I always tell him, that we are beyond that..he actually can take half decent pics (with guidance).  But still.

Silly guy. Look at that face.

8 comments on “Leather & Camo

  1. AliceCorrine says:

    Love the pants! How much?

  2. fiammisday says:

    I have the same pants…they are amazing!!! And you are beautiful…

  3. Laura Bowman says:

    love this look, so chic and fun! and that boy doesnt look too bad either haha, we must have you two over soon…. dinner date?

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