We heart Friday’s and our own DIY’s!

Here is my very own DIY for a newly engaged couple! I am not a person who would give just any ordinary gift card…I love gift giving. It makes me so happy to see the joy on someone’s face! So my gifts are usually thoughtful, filled with plenty of goodies, and sometimes the last item you would expect!

This is what I included in my gift:

1 sea grass basket

Kitchen things: 2 adorable measuring/mixing bowls

1 pot holder

2 dishtowels

1 apron

1 set of magnetic measuring cups

1 soap pump with stand and holder

1 bottle of eco-friendly dish soap

1 hilarious set of plastic cutting sheets (with animals and icons on them for what food to be cut there)

Pretty things: 2 bamboo cover clear canisters

1 picture frame

2 citrus smelly candles

1 cute sugar container

4 stemless wine glasses

All said and done I walked away spending about $125 (which will be split with the bf). And I purchased everything from one of my all time favourite stores: The Real Canadian Superstore!

But I felt that instead of getting them something generic, I would improvise on items that any person/couple could use. Practical items, neutral colours and a few pretty things.

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