I love me a good neutral bag…

The more I dress for work, the more I realize sometimes, all you need a is a great neutral bag. I definitely have my fair share of bags…but also the older I get the more I realize that a great bag is a good investment. The better the hardware, structure, colour etc. It is worth it.

I love Kate Spade…and the New Street Florence Bag is no exception! And at $179 on sale…I’ll take it!

2 comments on “I love me a good neutral bag…

  1. It is. I agree a neutral bag is a great purchase! Goes with everything. KJ x

  2. Jeni Johnson says:

    Agreed, I have a similar colored Kate Spade bag/different designs, well worth the 499.00 price tag. In fact for our retreat its my go to bag this weekend. Will post an OOTD later wearing it…. in the meanwhile heres a past look….http://jentendesigns.net/2012/08/16/falling-twice-ootd/

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