The last of it…

Jacket: American Eagle (new) | Romper: Roxy | Shoes: True Religion (serious fave) | Bag: J Crew | Sunnies: Joe Fresh | Watch: Kate Spade (new -and seriously love!) | Bracelets: Etsy & random store in Korea-town

When September rolls around, Fall is definitely here. This was one of the last days that I actually got to wear a romper, and feel like I didn’t ever get a chill. Mind you I get goosebumps when it’s 25 degrees with a breeze..

Crazy..I know…

Fall means back to school. Breaking out the jeans again. Layers. Boots etc. Don’t get me wrong I love Fall. But Fall means darker colours, and I am a girl that loves all the bright, vibrant, hot colours of summer!

So with that said…bring it on Fall. Instead of me sweating it out running in and out of A/C…I will now sweat underneath my leather jacket!

P.S. Mind the pooch…don’t quite know why it is there…but it is…hahaha.

Happy Wednesday!

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