Coolest Office!

With each location and Head Office Google is always pushing the bar with innovative, insane, imaginative and possibly very iconic office.

How cool is this office???

By the way this is at their London Head Office.

Via Twisted Sifter.

Hope you are having a wonderful Tuesday.

Of course, it would not be London/UK without Union Jack flags!

Oh that tufted wall … I wonder if that was done for soundproofing?? Funky!

My favorite room, great area to come and read a book or for a larger group meeting or town hall. . I love how the bookshelves are hidden with sliding string panels.

My coworkers would love this, I think this would definitely get dubbed as the ‘granny corner’.

More tufted wall and now seating too! Not sure about that colour. Forest green?

mmm … I have to say that I am little bit skeptical about this room, but I’m sure that it has its purpose.

More funky wall paper.

Love the little cubby holes. Not sure what they are … but I would be worried about employees taking a nap in them.

These are some really cool rocking chairs!

… and there is not much I can say about this room, I think the pictures speaks for itself.

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