Part One: Day + night

When I think about my favourite items, with all the gimmicks and products out there, plus me being the perfect consumer (wanting to try those things they have on infomercials), I think back to some of my trusty go-to daily items! Well I thought that I would share these things with you all! As of right now these are the things that I include in my daily routine. Next week I will share my makeup go-to’s as well!

one:: My amazingly trusty Clarisonic. This thing is unreal. I have adult acne – which totally sucks. Sucked when I was a teen, and sucks now. This thing takes out all the makeup and grime that collects in your skin over the day. It definitely has helped improve my skin ten folds! ( I got the “Fresh kit” one from the Sephora here in Toronto, it looks psychedelic like this one- totally girly).

two:: Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash. I use this wonderfully smelly Grapefruit foaming wash with my Clarisonic. Getting clean never felt so good. (You can get this one at Shoppers in Canada or Target in the US- haha you can tell that I use it a lot).

three:: Derma Doctor Ain’t Misbehavin’ Acne Control Serum. This formula has also helped me with my acne. It is strong though, and if you are a picker like me…it sure will sting. But I think it works! Takes a bit of time, and don’t use anything on top of it (unless you want to look like a face peeling monster).

four:: Derma Doctor Ain’t Misbehavin’ Medicated Acne Cleanser. Again powerful stuff! This stuff goes on dry skin (Here I was thinking WTH did I buy…dry skin- weird). It really helps minimize my acne when it’s that wonderful time of the month…

five:: Marc Anthony Pro Finish Hairspray. My sister and I swear by this stuff. We have Asian hair, not coarse, but pretty straight. This amazing spray keeps our hair curly for as long as it can…or just up for that matter. (We get this stuff at Shoppers or our hair salon)

six:: Gud by Burt’s Bees. This stuff smells soooo amazing. We love citrus scents. And this stuff covers dry skin like butter on bread. We are moisturizers. We hate the look of alligator skin, so every time after we shower – we lather ourselves like nobody’s business. (We seem to only see this line at Target in the US).

seven:: Marc Anthony Beach Waves. Again, when I have long hair, I use this stuff for that beachy look without all the sand and sunscreen everywhere. Save your money and don’t break the bank for that Bumble & Bumble one.

eight:: Fresh Brown Sugar perfume. Anything from this company is amazing. It smells amazing and makes me feel polished and pretty!

Let me know if you swear by any of these, if not send me ideas of things you swear by also!

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