So every year we try to come up with new ideas and new things for all you wonderful readers…

Let’s call this one a little end of summer/Fall cleaning?

We felt like we needed a change…so with our brand spanking new website design by our lovely team: The Twisted Sisters. And our new business cards designed (a little while ago) by: Palm Papers. We felt like we needed a new look for our every day life at this blog.

As we grow we change. Our styles change, our interests change, our lives change.

With the amazing help of our dear dear friends Sanja & Dragana. We made a change. Wanting something cleaner, simpler, easy to use and follow, graphically pleasing and just fresh!

A change for the better…for the new and forever growing Nest Family!

Those ladies are my dream team! They are creative, understanding, meticulous, amazingly talented and so much more! They did the whole entire thing, start to finish…all the graphic design work and implementation!

New season, new look right?

Love it ladies, you are beyond awesome!

2 comments on “Redesign…

  1. Thank you ladies for the lovely words!!! We are blushing and proudly growing inside! We enjoy every minute working with you 🙂 You are amazing! Think we make a pretty awesome team 😀

    Oh and p.s. we love your new blog 🙂 xoxo

  2. […] Natalie and Maya are amazing, we love their taste and we love to work with them! Big thanks to the awesome ladies and the whole Nest family dream team. We had so much fun working on this project, as we always do with them […]

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