HAPPY BIRTHDAY… to my wonderful Mama!


Today is my lovely Mama’s bday.

My Mama is amazing. She is incredibly intelligent (she is our Encyclopaedia Britannica), she is an amazing cook (this is why after Christmas sister and I gained weight because we almost had a different dessert every night), she is incredibly loving and warm (we are her babies), she is fun, super funny, an amazing mother to her two darlings (us +dogs). And she raised the two of us all on her own!

Some days we could not be anything more like her…and others we are definitely our own little people.

But we are forvever grateful for having such a wonderful, fabulous, special, irreplaceable, strong woman in our lives.

Thank you for being everything that you are Mum, we love you beyond words, and hope that we can be even just a bit like you for our children!

Love always, your Darlings (+ dogs).


2 comments on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY… to my wonderful Mama!

  1. trialsinfood says:

    happy birthday to your Mum! she sounds like a wonderful woman!

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