Let’s chat about style…

Tshirt: Old Navy | Jeans: Abercrombie & Fitch | Shoes: Zara | Bag: J Crew | Sunnies: The BF’s, Dior | Lipstick: NARS Heatwave

Being a designer I feel like there is this “idea” of what we look like. Any kind of designer, since we are surrounded with beautiful things, I feel like we need to dress a certain way, our homes should look a certain way, and we should know all the great places in the city to see, shop and dine.

I do not deny that I am usually up to date with these things, but solely because of personal interest, not this “idea” to conform to what society thinks of designers. It is just almost fitting that this is what I do…because I feel like this is what I was born to do. Even from a young age, I was always a girly girl. As my sister fought with my mother to get into a pretty dress for a party…I did as asked – with a HUGE smile on my face!

This blog has allowed me to keep up to date with all the latest design/fashion trends and really explore my own style. I feel like as we grow our styles are forever changing. And I love the ideas of mixing and matching- high and low price points in fashion and interiors. I have always felt like the best spaces and people have an eclectic collection of pieces which each have their own fabulous story.

Happy Wednesday!

2 comments on “Let’s chat about style…

  1. gracefully50 says:

    Casual & so chic! Too cute! 🙂

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