Weekend birthday celebrations!

I wanted to make my 29th birthday extra special… because that means I only have 1 more year before I turn 30, and I really don’t look forward to that day … there is something scary about turning 30.  Just like it was scary when I turned 20 and 25 … let’s face it, we just don’t like to get old.

A friend keeps telling me that 30’s are the best … his reasoning is that in 30’s you are financially stable (or at least you should be) and therefore you can afford to have nice things and have extravagant meals at all the hip restaurants and go places that some of us could only dream of going in their 20’s. So even though he has a good point, nevertheless I am not looking forward to that day

So for my birthday this past weekend, we headed to Niagara-on-the-Lake. It is one of my favorite places in the world and best part is that it’s only couple of hours drive from home.

So this is what we did …

We started off with a delicious late lunch at Riverband Inn.

Went for a walk around the town … and we recently started to take pictures of our feet whenever we get far enough from Toronto.  We got this idea from here and we thought it was a great way to remember that moment.

Some beautiful sky by the lake.

This little lady came by to say hi to us.

This was our dinner … oh boy was it delicious!!!

… and of course finished it off the next day with some Asian food.

Hope you all had wonderful weekend!

… and hope you are all having a wonderful Wednesday!

2 comments on “Weekend birthday celebrations!

  1. gracefully50 says:

    Happy belated 29th Birthday! You’re still a baby…30 will be great! Now, 50, that’s another story!!
    You look lovely in your blue dress, btw.

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